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Dennis Cattle Company ~ 17401 N. 2983 Rd. Grady, OK ~ 940-704-9682 ~ 580-757-2515
Our hunting operation is free range, besides the south perimeter, which now has a high fence that stretches about 2 1/2 miles.  The high fence is not enclosed, so the game can still roam the land as they please.  We welcome Archery and Rifle Hunters on the ranch.  For Oklahoma hunting season dates please go to http://www.wildlifedepartment.com

For hunting prices please contact Zac Smith, or Jim Reed.
$325 per day per gun; Trophy Fee: $15 an inch.
$325 per day per gun.
$150 per day per gun.  (limited to 2 hog per day or $75.00 each additional hog)
$900.00 an hour for 2 people (call for more information)
Hog Eradication by helicopter is provided by S & B Helicopters!
To purchase an Oklahoma Hunting License, click here.

There is a 50% deposit due at the time of booking.

Please note that, gratuity to your hunting guide
is not included in the hunting fees!

(All prices are subject to change.)
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